Opening hours of the call center:
Mon.-Thu.  8.00-20.00
Fri.             8.00 - 19.00
Sat, Sun.   9.00 - 18.00

Recording to OMS reception:
8(495) 942-42-31

Recording to a VHI reception, as well as to a paid reception:
8(499)190-95-00   8(906)065-76-89

8(906)065-76-92   8(906)065-79-01

24-hour telephone of the duty administrator:

Address: 123098, Moscow, ul. Marshala Novikova, house 23

Email: fmbc-fmba@bk.ru

Directions: metro station "Schukinskaya", the first car from the center, from the glass doors to the left, then walk 5-7 minutes along Novoshchukinskaya street to the intersection with Marshal Novikova Street, the entrance to the glass passage.

Head Physician:  Udalov Yuri Dmitrievich 8(499)190-85-00

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123182, Moscow, ul. Scenic, 46

Directions:metro station "Schukinskaya", exit - the first car from the center, then by trams №28, №31 to the stop "ul. Picturesque 50 ".

Phones for inquiries:
8 (499) 190-95-79

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Institute of Postgraduate Professional Education

123182, Moscow, ul. Scenic, 46, building. 8.

Directions: metro station "Schukinskaya", exit - the first car from the center, then by buses No. 10, No. 681 to the stop "Hospital No. 86". From the stop - along the aisle between the hospital and the school, then behind the school a white nine-story building of the institute, opposite the building along the street. Gamalei, 17a.

Phones for inquiries:
8(499) 190-96-92, 8(903) 146-23-67

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Olga Valerievna Kuznetsova 8(499)190-96-80

Site: www.ippo.fmbafmbc.ru

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