Эвакуация пациентов

In the event that a person is seriously ill or injured and is in another city or even in another country, you can use the service "Patient Evacuation".

Specialists of SRC-FMBC can quickly organize the evacuation of up to four patients on board a special medical aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with the latest generation equipment, by which a medical team on board is able to support patients' lives even in extremely difficult condition.

Evacuation of patients is carried out by road transport such as modern resuscitation ambulances and ambulances.

A team of physicians leaving for the patient is created based on the needs of the individual patient, his disease patterns and condition. The brigade consists of experienced resuscitation physicians who are able to quickly wire up the patient to modern life support equipment, such as "artificial kidney", "artificial lung", etc.

To discuss the evacuation issue, please contact our specialists by phone. 8 (903) 173-80-55, 8 (985) 226-95-24, 8 (964) 725-32-51.