The Institute of Continuing Vocational Education (ICVE) functions on the basis of State Research Center – Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of the FMBA of Russia (hereinafter Institute). The Institute was established by the order of the Federal Medical Biological Agency of November 10, 2009, No. 743, to integrate science, education and practice in training qualified personnel for the implementation the strategy of the FMBA of Russia to ensure the long-term needs of the innovative economy.

Educational activity is an important component of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation. That status was awarded to State Research Center − Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of Federal Medical Biological Agency more than 20 years ago and was repeatedly confirmed.

At present, the educational activity of SRC-FMBC is carried out in accordance with license No. 0411 of October 29, 2012, valid for an unlimited period of time.

The certificate of accreditation of March 15, 2016 No. 1733 (valid for 6 years) The Institute includes 25 departments.

The Chancellor of the Institute since its inception has been Vladimir Uiba, Ph.D., Professor, Head of the Federal Medical Biological Agency of the Russian Federation.

The vice-chancellor for Science – Alexander Samoylov, Ph.D., Associate professor.

The vice-chancellor for Education – Olga Kuznetsova, Ph.D. in Biol.

Higher-education teaching personnel of the institute includes highly qualified specialists with a great experience. Training is conducted by professors, doctors, Ph.D. and associate professors. Thus, out of 134 lecturers 58 hold a doctorate, 55 are Ph.D., three academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences teach.

Currently, the Institute carries out training in the main programs of higher professional education for training highly qualified personnel, in accordance with the programs of research and academic staff in post-graduate studies and in training highly qualified specialists in residency programs.

Under the programs of additional vocational education:

  • professional retraining of doctors and paramedical personnel (at least 250 hours);

  • advanced training for doctors and nurses on cycles (at least 16 hours);

The clinical base of the Institute is SRC-FMBC and other leading institutions of the FMBA of Russia.

In accordance with the training program, documents of the standard pattern are granted: diploma of professional retraining, specialist certificate, certificate of advanced training, certificate of competency.

Upon completion of the training, it is possible to obtain (confirm) the qualification category for specialists of non-state (commercial) medical organizations (JSC, CJSC, ICC, etc.) and various departments and agencies, as well as state medical institutions if there is a request from a higher organization.

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